My Current Work To Date

Writing Samples:
Here We Remain  (The Walking Dead)
Spec episode: supernatural/horror drama

Poking the Nest  (American Horror Story: Nest)
Spec episode: supernatural/horror drama

Y Tu, Livvie, Tambien?  (Scandal)
Spec episode: political drama

From Here To Fraternity  (Medium)
Spec episode: sci-fi/paranormal criminal investigative drama
This script was a Semifinalist in the 2010 Screenwriting Expo Competition, in the One-Hour Teleplay category.

A Ghost of a Crime  (Ghost Whisperer)
Spec episode: sci-fi/paranormal mystery drama

Out and Gone  (Without A Trace)
Spec episode: criminal investigative drama

Click here to go to "Still Lost" -- my *Virtual* Season 7 of the TV series Lost

Spec TV pilot: sci-fi criminal investigative drama ( Available only upon request)

Spec TV pilot: college drama/serial ( Available only upon request)

Angry People
Spec screenplay: comedy ( Available only upon request)

Senator Crowe
Spec made-for-TV-movie (two-hour backdoor pilot): political drama ( Available only upon request)