I was born and raised in Black River Falls, Wisconsin a small city of 3,600 nestled in a rural county in the west-central region of the Badger State (two hours away from the Twin Cities). My childhood was hellish. I grew up and attended school with a lot of great people . . . and even more not-so-great people. I have many fond memories of my youth, alongside a lot of horrible memories that I still carry with me on a daily basis. Rather than just get over it, I presently choose to channel my bitterness and nostalgic rage in a quest to speak out against injustices (and gratuitously mock those who would perpetuate them).

The most important lesson that my childhood and adolescence taught me never hesitate to stand up to the dumbasses of the world and call them out on their awful behavior (unless its someone who signs your paycheck, or who could sign your paycheck in the near future). Im certainly not perfect when it comes to following this rule-of-thumb, but I constantly strive to improve at it!

I attended college as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire (UWEC) before transferring to California State University Northridge (CSUN), from which I graduated with a B.A. in Screenwriting.

Currently, I reside in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. Much like most people in the Los Angeles area, I work at a job that has absolutely nothing to do with my desired career field.

Ive written a variety of spec scripts for episodic television (dont look so impressed its not like Ive sold any of them!) that will be gradually posted on this website as they become obsolete. Current spec writing samples (for various TV series currently in production, as well as original spec pilots) are available upon request, as long as youre an industry professional.